Green hydrogen - Germany is going for broke

Green hydrogen - Germany is going for broke

Germany is going for broke on green hydrogen. It's not going to be cheap, and there are massive barriers to overcome, but the alternative for them is worse.

"Green hydrogen is the key to decarbonising our economies" - German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

What is the big theme?

Green hydrogen’s role in a net-zero emissions world will be to do things that cannot be done better through electrification. To quote Michael Liebreich, as he paraphrases the famous Heineken slogan of the 1970s and 1980s, hydrogen decarbonizes the parts of the energy system that electricity cannot reach. This leads us toward industrial uses rather than transport or heating. As the EU Hydrogen Strategy says - to "reduce and replace the use of carbon-intensive hydrogen in refineries, the production of ammonia, and for new forms of methanol production”.

The details

Summary of a story from Euractiv

Speaking at COP27 in Egypt, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced extra funding to facilitate the global market ramp-up of hydrogen. The instrument of choice in Berlin is the government-funded foundation H2Global. “We plan to invest more than €4 billion [into H2Global]. The first tenders will be launched soon,” he announced. Government money is used to cover the difference between the costly production of green hydrogen and the lower price buyers are willing to pay.

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