What caught our eye - three key stories
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What caught our eye - three key stories

Green H2-to-fert plant; Home electrification is complex; Green electricity sold direct to consumer?

Here are three stories that we found particularly interesting this week and why. We also give our lateral thought on each one.

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Kenya farm hosts first on-site green hydrogen-to-fertiliser plant.

US-based Talus Renewables, a manufacturer of modular green ammonia systems is starting up a plant in Naivasha, Kenya that will enable local production of both low-cost and carbon-free fertilisers.

Talus will supply Kenya Nut Co with fertilisers under a 15-year take-off agreement with the plant expected to produce one tonne of fertiliser per day initially but given the modular nature, this could be expanded in the future - eventually rising to 200 tons per day, supplying 95% of Kenya Nut Co's needs.

The plant will be powered by on-site solar.

Traditional production of ammonia is very carbon intensive, but there are ways, including this one, to make it greener. We wrote an introduction to that which you can read here - Link to blog 👇🏾

Greening ammonia - heat, pressure and hydrogen
Ammonia is an important product, particularly for the manufacture of fertilisers. It is emissions intensive, so how can we make it greener?

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