What caught our eye - three key stories (week 50)
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What caught our eye - three key stories (week 50)

More investment needed in agriculture; Batteries meet share of peak demand; Heat pumps getting smaller

Here are three stories that we found particularly interesting this week and why. We also give our lateral thought on each one.

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We need to invest a lot more in agriculture

25 leading philanthropies recently issued a joint report, calling for a tenfold increase in funding for regenerative and agroecological transitions to address urgent global agricultural and environmental challenges. They urge that to align food systems with the 1.5ºC goal of the Paris Agreement there is a need to phase out fossil fuel use, especially fossil fuel–based agrochemicals in industrial agriculture, and transition toward agroecology and regenerative approaches.

Major philanthropies urge massive scale up of agroecology and regenerative approaches
Over twenty leading philanthropic funders announce a groundbreaking initiative to accelerate global agroecological transitions at COP28.

This is not the first call for a greening of our agriculture system. One thing that is a bit different in this report is the focus on the need for a systemic change. And the benefits that it will bring.

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