What caught our eye - three key stories (week 2, 2024)
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What caught our eye - three key stories (week 2, 2024)

Green investment opportunity in emerging markets; Critical mineral choke points; Soil carbon credits

Here are three stories that we found particularly interesting this week and why. We also give our lateral thought on each one.

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The $330bn/year green investment opportunity in emerging markets

But, it might not be what you think. According to a report prepared by Leapfrog Investments for the CGAP and Temasek, dozens of green technologies are actually lower cost than incumbent technologies across the emerging world. Technologies that are already cheaper range from electric scooters in India, through rooftop solar in Kenya, efficient cook tops in Nigeria, and smart farming in Vietnam. Discounts to the traditional alternatives range from 14% in smart farming through to a massive 75% in rooftop solar.

This cost gap is expected to spark a wave of new green investments that could potentially reach $330Bn per year over the next decade. Furthermore, it is estimated that the new green technologies offer the potential for low income consumers to save as much as $500 pa - a material amount for many communities.

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