What caught our eye - three key stories: week 45
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What caught our eye - three key stories: week 45

Fridges help farms cut carbon/costs; Nature risks for directors; Fuel subsidy end helps Nigeria solar?

Here are three stories that we found particularly interesting this week and why. We also give our lateral thought on each one.

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New milk fridges could help farmers cut carbon and costs.

Dairy farmers need to chill their milk to below 6oC within hours of carrying out milking. As we highlighted in a recent blog, there are some sustainability issues with fridges, freezers and chillers. Link to blog 👇🏾

Cooling food - regular, salty and constant volume.
Modern fridges and freezers do a great job keeping food fresh but have some sustainability issues. Solutions exist now and there are some interesting early stage ones too.

Specifically for this situation, older style chillers often leak refrigerant. Fonterra, the New Zealand dairy export giant, estimates that "up to 200,000 tonnes of emissions leak out of dairy chillers in New Zealand each year". Putting it another way, the older systems can leak up to 15% of their hydrofluorocarbon gas every year.

The obvious solution is to replace the older chillers. But from the perspective of the diary farmer, this is an added cost, and the old chiller often 'seems to be working fine'. Which is where the Fonterra plan comes in 👇🏾

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