If they can charge them, they will buy them: e-buses and e-trucks
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If they can charge them, they will buy them: e-buses and e-trucks

Electrifying heavy transport, such as buses, vans, and trucks, is going to be a key part of the decarbonisation of transport, and a major contributor to reducing urban air pollution.

Summary: Switching to electric vehicles is not just about passenger cars. Buses and trucks are really important as well. Most people think about trucks as being those massive 40t vehicles that speed up and down our interstates/motorways, but trucks is about way more than that. And most buses and delivery vehicles (a better word than trucks maybe) go back to depot at night or site at a logistics warehouse for extended period - making their charging a lot simpler than you think.

Why this is important: If you live in a city, and to be fair most of us do, you probably think that transport is mostly about cars, plus buses, taxis, and if you live in Asia, LatAm or Africa, motorbikes/scooters. But if you head out into the suburbs or travel on our main roads, you realise that trucks are just as important.

The big theme: Transportation has the highest reliance on fossil fuels of any sector. Approximately 95% of its energy comes from them. For 45% of countries transport is the largest source of energy related emissions and it is the second largest source for the rest. Changing how we transport ourselves and our goods helps with both climate change and with health and well-being issues and is a rich vein for investment.

The details

Growing up in New Zealand in the 1960’s and 70’s people had a phrase to describe a massive opportunity … “imagine if you could sell a bicycle to every person in China”. How the world has changed. But even then the phrase had lots of weaknesses - sometimes the obvious big opportunity is not the most practical one. Taking just one point, think about the practicalities of reaching every individual in a country as big as China.‌‌‌‌

There are some parallels with EV charging. Most people think about this in relation to passenger cars. After all, there probably will be hundreds of millions of them globally on the road in a few decades. But, there is another opportunity, less obvious maybe, but still really interesting and potentially easier to access.

That is truck and bus charging - what we sometimes describe below as heavy transport charging. Massive amounts of demand but because most will take place in depots, a lot less people to sell to.

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